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Adopt A Pet

Olive Branch Pet Hospital sponsors a Humane Society Pet to aid in their adoption process. Our hospital will cover the adoption fee and give you a 10% discounted Wellness Plan! Contact us today if you’d like to give our new featured pet a new home.

Our Current Featured Pet

Our longest resident is Elska. As of today she is at 340 days in our system.

Elska came to us from a business. They were feeding her as their outdoor cat and one day she strutted right into their office, jumped in an empty cardboard box, and proceeded to have 4 little kittens. The next day they brought her to us and I took her to foster. She was a very good momma and even took on two more orphaned kittens so she ended up nursing 6. She was however, afraid of my dogs (they were kept separate from her) and so she didn’t learn to trust humans a whole lot during her foster period. In the cat room she opens up the more she see’s someone. She’s playing and cuddling with volunteers that she see’s regularly.

She would most likely be a one person cat but she may even do well in a family if there are no young children to scare her. She gets along well with most other cats as long as they aren’t bullies or too annoying. The #1 thing that will win her over is the Fancy Feast Chicken Selects Treats – she will follow you around and lick the juice off your fingers!

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