Nutrition & Weight Management

Pet Nutrition & Weight Management

We love our pets and want them to live long, healthy lives. The most important part of keeping your pet healthy and energetic is to feed them a diet that contains high-quality nutrition every day. With so many dietary options available – all touting different ingredients – selecting a pet food, treats, and nutritional supplements for your pet can quickly become overwhelming.
At Olive Branch Pet Hospital in Pensacola, our veterinarians can assess your pet’s weight, health, lifestyle, and dietary needs to help you establish a nutritional regimen designed to keep them at their best throughout every stage of their lives.

Nutritional Counseling for Medical Concerns and Every Life Stage

Animals have different nutritional needs during different stages of their lives. While puppies and kittens require higher nutrient content to facilitate their rapid growth and healthy development, adults and senior pets also require slightly different formulations to maintain their energy and keep their coats, bones, joints, and entire bodies generally healthy.
Nutrition, prescription diets, and dietary supplements can also be an excellent strategy for managing a variety of health concerns in pets such as age-related diseases like osteoarthritis and even diabetes and pet allergies. If your pet has specific health needs, our veterinarians will discuss the proper dietary strategies with you.

Pensacola Pet Obesity and Weight Management

Pet obesity is one of the most common health problems facing pets in the U.S. today. Although a couple of extra pounds doesn’t make too big of a difference in a person, it’s another story on a pet. Just a few pounds gained or lost can have a major impact on a cat’s or dog’s health. Obese pets are at an increased risk of developing health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and they’re also much more likely to live shorter lifespans.
During your pet’s regular wellness check, we’ll weigh your pet and assess his or her appearance, looking for the telltale signs of weight gain, such as a sausage-shaped physique. If your pet is overweight, we’ll set you up with a special diet formulated for weight loss. We now offer Hill’s and Purina Diets! Once the right diet is selected for your pet, we will help you determine the proper daily serving size of food and treats for your pet, and discuss an appropriate exercise regimen to increase your pet’s daily calorie burn.
We’ll then assess your pet’s weight at each upcoming weight management appointment, adjust their dietary and exercise plan as needed, and help you maintain your pet’s newly achieved healthy weight throughout his or her life.
To schedule a pet nutrition or weight management appointment, contact Olive Branch Pet Hospital today.