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Pensacola Pet Nutrition & Weight Management

Bring Out the Best in Your Pet

At Olive Branch Pet Hospital, we take the team approach to bring out the best in your pet. Dr. Mark Sprayberry and our veterinary care team will work with you closely to determine the ideal nutrition and weight management plan for your pet. The American Pet Products Association reports that over 54% of pets are overweight. This number is even more alarming when you consider obesity is a predictor of certain health problems like diabetes and arthritis.
Preventative care has a huge impact on your pet’s quality of life. Expect to see your pet’s energy levels increase, along with improvements in heart health and circulation to name a few. Pets who maintain a healthy weight also tend to live almost two years longer than overweight pets.

Human and Animal Weight Problems: Similar, But Not Equal

One pound on a human is no big deal, but one pound on a 10 lb dog may impact that dog’s lifespan. Dr. Sprayberry and his team work to develop a pet weight management plan that matches your pet’s breed and current lifestyle. Each pet family is unique, so setting realistic nutritional and exercise-related goals encourage success. Dietary changes can even address health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and kidney disease.

Adjust for Your Pet’s Life Stages

Age brings about changes in pets faster than it usually does in humans. Pet weight management plans will change throughout your pet’s life. As your pet transitions from one stage of life to another, their diet and activity levels must accommodate the physical changes.

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