Veterinary Surgery

Compassionate Veterinary Surgery in Pensacola

Surgery tends to make people and pets a bit nervous, so at Olive Branch Pet Hospital, we work hard to prepare our families for what to expect before, during, and after their pet’s surgery. Dr. Mark Sprayberry and his veterinary team offer soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery for a variety of conditions.

Common Soft Tissue Surgeries for Pets

We treat anything from wound repair to removing a foreign body from the gastrointestinal tract, and just about everything in between. Reproductive medicine and c-sections, along with spays and neuters are performed with caring hands. Before considering any animal surgery, our veterinarian weighs the pros and cons of the procedure. Dr. Mark and his team want to ensure you that even the most common surgery is taken seriously.

Orthopedic Surgery Helps Keep Pets Active Longer

Two of the most common types of orthopedic surgeries performed on dogs relate to knee problems. The CCL is the dog’s equivalent of the ACL, and as such, is subject to injury. Second only to CCL issues is MPL, or medial patellar luxation. While it’s common in dogs under 20 lbs, the kneecap slipping out of place can be troublesome regardless of your dog’s weight. Keep in mind that expert surgical care and committed pet owners can improve the success of any orthopedic surgery.

What Happens Before Surgery?

Our team will review your pet’s medical history, if available, and complete a thorough pre-operative screening. Pre-anesthetic blood work allows us to choose the right medications for your pet. We will discuss possible outcomes and decide how to approach pain management before, during, and after surgery. At Olive Branch Pet Hospital, we create customized treatment plans to ensure each patient has the highest chance of a successful surgery.

What Can I Expect During My Pet’s Surgery?

During animal surgery, all patients are monitored continuously. Professional anesthesia keeps pets comfortable and relaxed, and pain management options are available pre- and post-op. Fluid therapy and antibiotics are used as appropriate during veterinary surgery.

Surgery is Complete, What Now?

Our team believes in peaceful recoveries, so a team member will be there to offer support as the anesthesia wears off. Once your pet is ready to go home, we will discuss aftercare expectations and why you are the key to a smooth recovery. The Olive Branch Pet Hospital team is on your side. Give us a call at (850) 477-2901 if you have questions about veterinary orthopedic or soft tissue surgery.