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Pet Wellness Plans Help More Than Just Pets

Dr. Mark and his team of dedicated veterinary nurses believe in helping both pets and their humans alike. To make routine veterinary care more accessible, Olive Branch Pet Hospital offers a variety of Pet Wellness Plans. By spreading the costs over 12 months, it means a majority of your pet’s veterinary care is likely covered without a major ding to your pocketbook.

Is a Pet Wellness Plan a Worthy Investment?

As long as you plan to have your pet for more than one year, a pet wellness plan can make paying for veterinary care affordable. Routine exams and screenings often catch health issues before the symptoms manifest. This allows Dr. Mark to treat illnesses early, so treatment is often less invasive and less expensive. Pet Wellness Plans are good for one year and can be upgraded if additional services are needed.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans to Suit Your Needs

Puppies and kittens nursing from their mothers inherit natural immunity, especially during the first 6 weeks of life. For this reason, we recommend you enroll your pet as close to 6 weeks as possible. Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans cover your fur babies until they are around 7 months old, at which time you would transfer to Dog or Cat Wellness Plans.

Both versions of the Kitten and Puppy Wellness Plans cover unlimited office visits, routine vaccines and deworming, plus unlimited nail trims.  Our Kitten and Puppy Gold Plans include a spay or neuter and the accompanying pre-anesthetic bloodwork, hospitalization, anesthesia, and antibiotic and anti-pain injections.

Adult Feline and Canine Wellness Plans

Cats and dogs age around 6-8 years for each of our human years. Each of our Cat and Dog Wellness Plans covers examinations, vaccines, heartworm/flea control for the year and basic laboratory testing services. 

Olive Branch Pet Hospital aims to make routine pet care and diagnostics affordable by offering Pet Wellness Plans for each stage of your pet’s life. Give our Pensacola veterinary practice a call at  (850) 477-2901.

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