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Routine wellness care that’s anything but routine

Mark S. Sprayberry, DVM, and his compassionate Pensacola vet team believe in a proactive approach to your pet’s wellbeing. At Olive Branch Pet Hospital, we offer pet wellness exams and routine wellness services for each stage of your pet’s life.

Compassionate care for pets of all ages

Dr. Mark and his team are dedicated to keeping your pets healthy and happy for life. Our priority is to help maintain the quality of your pet’s life through every stage, from infancy to its golden years. Pet wellness exams give us a chance to catch issues before they become a problem and prescribe effective preventative treatments.

Younger pets require different diet and exercise plans to meet their needs than do most older pets. Thorough physical exams allow our Pensacola veterinary team to catch ailments early so they can be more easily treated.

Diet and exercise changes can often slow or even reverse some maladies. Routine blood work can detect changes in liver and kidney levels before symptoms begin to show. With a maintenance plan in place that suits you and your pet’s lifestyle, we can work together to ensure the best possible quality of life for your furbabies (and for you!)

Caring for every part of your pet, inside and out

Dr. Mark inspects your pet from nose to tail. As partners in your pet’s care, our Pensacola vet team will discuss your pet’s current health and vaccine schedule. There are a set of vaccinations considered necessary, with additional vaccines recommended based on your pet’s specific needs.

We may discuss dietary changes that will benefit your pet, along with a new exercise routine if needed. Let Dr. Mark know if you have any concerns regarding your pet’s behavior. Sudden behavior changes may indicate a need for further testing. We are here to help keep your furry friends comfortable, happy, and healthy by preventing serious issues
before they start.

Wellness Plans Created with You and Your Pet in Mind

Olive Branch Pet Hospital aims to keep your pet healthy with just the right amount of preventative care. Our wellness plans allow you to make small monthly payments to cover just about everything you need to keep your pet’s health on the right track. Is your pet due for a wellness exam? Give us a call today at (850) 477-2901.

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