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Veterinary Diagnostic Services Help Manage Your Pet’s Health

Pets cannot walk into the vet’s office and explain their symptoms. It is up to the pet owners and your veterinarian to evaluate changes in mood and behavior to determine the need for further diagnostic testing. Unfortunately, many of our furry friends mask symptoms until they become serious. Veterinary diagnostic testing provides a snapshot of your pet’s health in a less invasive manner than does exploratory surgery. Faster results often mean a quicker diagnosis, which allows us to begin treatment sooner.

At Olive Branch Pet Hospital, we offer the following veterinary diagnostics:

Blood Chemistry & Urinalysis

Wellness exams include the appropriate blood, urine, feces, and tissue analyses that take into account your pet’s age, weight, and lifestyle factors. Blood testing and urinalysis are particularly helpful in picking up indicators of diabetes, liver, or kidney disease. Results from these type of pet diagnostics give Dr. Mark Sprayberry and his team the information they need to develop effective treatment plans.


Electrocardiography is commonly referred to as an EKG. An EKG records the heart’s electrical activity. This is used to identify heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and various cardiac issues.


Ultrasounds are like x-rays in motion that allow your veterinarian to check on abdominal, and even cardiac structures, without invasive surgery.


Due to the nature of endoscopy, a small amount of anesthesia is needed for your pet to stay still during the procedure. An endoscope gives you a glimpse of the gastrointestinal tract via lighted camera at the end of a long tube. Your veterinarian watches a monitor for signs of gastrointestinal disorders, polyps, cancer, and more.

At Olive Branch Pet Hospital, anytime your pet is a candidate for certain dental or surgical procedures requiring anesthesia, diagnostic testing is done beforehand. Our Pet Wellness Plans include options that cover specific diagnostic tests at each stage of your pet’s development. If your furry family member’s behavior indicates something is going on, give us a call at
(850) 477-2901 to set up an appointment. Take advantage of our veterinary diagnostics to get your pet back in good health.

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