How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Grooming


How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Grooming

We associate baths and haircuts with self-care and pampering, but our pets don’t always feel the same way. Many dogs become quite anxious when it’s time for their regular grooming, and this results in many not getting the skin and coat care they need to stay healthy and comfortable.
To make your pet’s next bath time go more smoothly, consider the following tips.

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm for Grooming

1. Be Prepared

When it’s time to begin, you should have everything you need nearby and ready to go. Interrupting your dog’s grooming to retrieve a brush or another tool might make your dog think he’s done and result in having to calm him down all over again.

2. Start Slowly

Introduce your dog to the brushing, bathing, and haircuts one at a time, instead of all at once. Additionally, give them a chance to sniff and check out all the tools you’ll be using before you start using them. Then they’ll be less concerned about the brush and clippers running through their fur.
It’s also best to start when your pet’s still young. But you can teach an old dog to learn new tricks; they might just need a little extra reassurance.

3. Make It Positive

Provide plenty of positive reinforcement during the grooming. Store a bag of treats with your dog’s brushes and clippers. Talk sweetly and be generous with love by really getting into your pet’s coat and scrubbing.

4. Groom After Play

A worn-out pet is always a calmer pet. If you can, take your dog out for a game of fetch, a run, or a long walk before you start grooming. This will ensure all their excess energy has been burned off, and they’ll be calmer as a result.

5. Be Calm

Dogs take a lot of emotional cues from their human family members. If you feel nervous about grooming your pet, then your pet will likely feel nervous, too.

Talk With Our Veterinarians About the Best Grooming Tools for Your Dog

If you’re not sure what kind of coat your dog has, what the best shampoo for his sensitive skin is, or the right kind of brush for detangling, we welcome you to talk with our veterinarians about grooming your pet. We can provide you with advice, training tips, and more!